Radionics Healing

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Healing with Radionics

The word Radionics is derived from the two words 'radiation' and 'electronics'; the measurement and use of radiation electronically. It was first contrived in the early part of the 20th Century. You may never have heard of Radionics. Its underlying principle of healing is that we are all connected. Each and every molecule, the higher expressions of life and universe are all connected. If we can be healed from our diseases and health ailments then Radionics can aid this using this connection. Radionics is often defined as 'holistic distant healing' - or absent healing. It is a form of vibrational medicine which can reveal the energy imbalances in a patient. The corrective energy pattern is then sent back to the patient using projection or broadcast, or can be imprinted in an oral remedy in pillules - much like homoeopathic treatment.

How it works

All matter has an energy field. This is detectable. Living organisms especially have larger energy fields, or auras. The radiesthesia or 'extra sensory perception' faculty, known as ESP and used in Radionics, is sensitive to the subtle vibrations emanating from the energy fields of patients. The unseen radiations of profoundly important areas of mental and emotional activity can be measured in the individual regions of the Chakra or Energy Centres that correspond to the physical glandular systems of the body. These are our endocrine glands and are our invisible guardians. Radionic philosophy regards the physical human body to be governed by the energy fields that surround each minute individual cell. This energy field includes the mental and emotional fields of human thought. The flow of energy between the physical body structures and the mind which includes both the emotional and mental activities will determine our health or our illness.

The DNA or properly your unique Blue Print of Life

Radionics assists in self-healing as it facilitates the corrective flow of energy through the subtle energy fields based upon our individual and unique purpose in life. Each cell, according to cellular biology, carries a copy of the master plan, the DNA. This is the blueprint of the cell and the whole. Through Radionic assessment an individual blueprint of the patient's total health is set out and also the underlying causes of the symptoms the patient displays physically, mentally or emotionally.

What Radionics can do for you?

The underlying causes are investigated by examining the subtle energies of the life force, mental and emotional aspects of the whole person are assessed using Radionic analysis. It is possible to discover and treat illnesses in their very early stages before pathology becomes apparent. In other words a complaint of being unwell with no apparent physical cause can be successfully treated and the return to vibrant health possible. A Radionic projection can include other energetic vibrations of Dr. Bach flower remedies, of colour, and homoeopathic remedies. Importantly, a Radionic projection to the patient of the corrective patterns for psychological states aids the correct energy flow as so addresses the cause. Antidote patterns for viruses and allergies can also be used in such cases.

How can Radionics help you?

There are no limitations to what radionic treatment can be used. Success can be obtained for acute and chronic physical illnesses; mental and emotional illness and hypersensitivity. Radionics will perform well as a complement to orthodox medicine. And for animals, too. Illnesses that respond to Radionic treatment include conditions ranging from :

  • Asthma
  • Allergies including hay fever
  • Migraines and headaches
  • Female disorders such as heavy periods and pre-menstrual tension.
  • Arthritic symptoms
  • Digestive disturbances and bowel problems.
  • Mental illness and hypersensitivity
  • Is particularly useful following surgery.

Your Permission has to be given...

For any healing to take place, permission must be given and this is usually done by the patient providing a witness - a piece of hair is traditionally used, but a photo can also be used and placed upon specialised Radionic instruments for the treatment to occur.

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Radionics Combined with Chakras and Color Therapy

As powerful as radionics is for remote healing, when it's combined with chakra frequencies and color therapy, it's out of this world!

In 2017, Soundswest.com released RadionX software that does just that. It's easy for anyone to use and only required a Windows laptop, tablet or PC and headphones for the "witness".

Tests using RadionX software have been astounding among those experinced in this fascinating field.

This is healing of the future...

It truly is. The power of chakras and color therapy (chromatherapy) alone is pretty amazing as it stands. Combining these with Radionics allows an entirely new realm of powerful healing.

The fact is, people are waking up to new ideas and new technologies, especially when it comes to alternative health, because it works. The big pharma industry is failing, as microbes become resistant to chemical drugs. Most people have figured out that they do more harm than good in most cases.

RadionX software looks like something that you would see in Star Trek, yet it's available today. It's combined power with chakras and color therapy is untouched.

Little Known Science Of Radionics - How It Helps In Self Development

Radionics is thought to generate a strong dominant power that is believed to encourage a realization that permits a person to center their concentration on their deepest dream and aspirations. The artifacts of Radionics are powerful board with magnetic sources. These goods are quite simple to utilize and to comprehend.

The distinctive principles at the back of the belief in Radionics are devised to aim at a person's subconscious mind. The subconscious is a portion of consciousness that we're ignorant of. Advertisers are known to use subconscious messages for many years sequentially to target a group of consumers in their marketing campaigns. A good instance of subconscious message is effortlessly witnessed when a person watches a movie in a cinema. The person is aimed at even before the featured movie begins with ads and images, those pictures can be of contented people enjoying popcorn and soda. This is a subconscious message. A person my be prompted to think they are hungry and thirsty after seeing these ads and will most probably head to the refreshment stand.

The Radionics principles characterize illustrations of oval shape. These oval shapes are then laid on a magnetic board crown. This connects to various central parts that concerns the 7-column triple, identical-size rhomb. The evocative feature in Radionics allegedly permits us to delve into, or attune in to the subconscious mind. By so doing, it may possibly guide one to superior states of self- growth/development.

Throughout the course of Radionics, a person has to select between 30 evocative cards. These cards are devised to control the power of the subconscious mind. The cards are fashioned to promote and control behavior. Once a person has selected a card, he is then required to place the cards on the message board. These cards must be laid in a representation that encircles the person's subconscious mind. Radionics is stimulated within half an hour. The projected powers start to work on the awareness of the subconscious mind.***

The radiators that float up on course of the practice of Radionics start to heal a person who is anguished much from bodily or mental diseases. The Person is then assisted in whatsoever way is required. This might mean that the person is assisted either psychologically or physically. Radionics is a novel process that helps a person in his journey of self-growth and development.

So Many people wonder as to why self-growth and development has developed to become such a big issue. The answers for them might be due the fact that people must be eager to develop themselves so that they can realize success in their life. This big success could also relate to individual and business associations. A person must never cease his growth or his learning, because this is one process that has to be nonstop throughout the individuals lifetime.

There are numerous procedures used for helping an individual in growing their internal and external self. An easy technique is writing a journal. This enables a person to connect with their inner thoughts and feeling. This is a fundamental strategy in self-growth and development that any of us could benefit from by doing daily.

A person distressed by a severe physical or psychological illness might want to attempt Radionics in order to advance his self-growth and development. Radionics is a completely new instrument on the self-growth and development journey. Many individuals will gain from seeking out and trying some of these self-growth and development practices.

There are numerous websites specializing in the provision of Radionics teachings. Countless individuals have profited very much from this novel kind of self-growth an development methods. As we move down the path of self-reflection and self-growth and development, we should not be frightened to try novel methods or development ideas. Because it is from these new techniques that we greatly learn more about our internal self. This is a big part of the remarkable journey of self- growth and development.

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Radionics Devices and the Uses of Them - An Amazing Technology

In the theory of radionics, living organisms radiate a field of electro-magnetic energy that differs whether the subject is healthy or in a diseased condition. Radionic machines are used to rate energy patterns by calibrating numerical values on the dials of the machine. It was originally used strictly as a healing device, but today there are several uses for radionic machines. Distance is not a relevant factor when working in radionics. You can use these devices to project trends and energy to yourself as well as to others. Therefore, as long as you have an open mind concerning this technology, it could become a powerful tool in your hand.

Because radionic machines create a focused, structural link to your goal, it is sometimes compared to a laser beam. The structural links, of course, are purely abstract, but the projections of a these machine are made possible by the structural links as well as life force. The way in which the dials on the machine are tuned is by the thoughts of the person operating the machine. You simply think about your desired goals and stroke the stick pad on the machine at the same time.

The radionic machine's job is to establish structural links, but this is not possible nearly as quickly without an orgone generator, also known as a life force generator. When these machines are supplied with massive amounts of life energy, you will find that achieving goals in life is much easier, more effective, and seen more quickly than ever. What are your goals? Do you want to excel on your sports team? Advancing in your career may be your goal. Perhaps love is what interests you most. Is getting into shape what you want more than anything? These are just a few examples of the goals that people have been able to achieve faster than ever thanks to radionic machines.

These devices once fell under the category of magic. After all, they were originally developed more than 100 years ago. The truth is that radionic machines are simply a powerful form of technology that can be easily compared to a car or a telephone-with simple training, you can use them to accomplish various means. Do not simply force yourself to be content with the way life stands today. Make a simple effort to master your future and your destiny by channeling life force through a radionic machine.

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