Software for Remote Healing, Chakras and Color Therapy

As long as the human race has been around, we've had amazing abilities to survive through the worst of disasters, viruses and other tragic circumstances. "Western medicine" is less than 200 years old. It has it's place, but it's a severely flawed system in many ways. This is becoming obvious, now that microbes are becoming drug resistant.

When you think about it, it's sad that the methods used to keep the human race around for thousands of years are called "alternative", because energy and herbal healing is the foundation that has kept us alive.

For the most part, we have forgotten our basic abilities as humans, as television, smart phones and devices have overrun our daily lives. Natural abilities have kept us around since the very beginning. quantum physics is proving scientifically, that these abilities are part of our DNA.

People are waking up and using methods that have already been proven to work for us, be it Rife Machines, Color Therapy, Radionics, Remote (Quantum) Healing or Chakra Sound Therapy. They all have one thing in common, they are all forms of ENERGY HEALING.

Many now consider radionics, remote healing and color therapy the future as we come full circle. It's power is undeniable. Radionics practitioners have seen major health and psychological problems go into remission in a few days.

RadionX works by aligning energy fields in a person. All things in life are energy fields composed of frequencies, that determine the state of things and people. If someone's energy field is out of balance, this causes emotional and physical problems. Radionics aligns these energy fields and in the process, fixes the problems.

Introducing RadionX - The program that lets you harness your natural abilities...

RadionX Software

RadionX is a software program that runs on Windows PCs, laptops or tablets. It combines several powerful technologies into one highly effective program.

RadionX can be used for energy healing locally, by running the presets through headphones or speakers.

For remote healing, a person being healed is in another place and the person doing the healing sends out an "intention", also known as a broadcast. This broadcast uses DNA in the form of a hair sample, fingernail clippings or something else from the person. If these things are unavailable, a picture is used with the name and birth date of the person written down in pencil.

RadionX software is the first of it's kind. It's easy to use. Anyone can begin using it and experience the power of the energy healing, with no experience at all...and see remarkable results.

RadionX has 10 presets covering almost every health condition known. The preset window lets you know the conditions for the presets, sets the primary color for color therapy, and also describes emotional traits in the subject for your benefit.

Preset window

Select a preset and make a three easy settings in RadionX :


Setting the Resistance

The Resistance Level setting in RadionX adds the amount of intensity of the frequencies to the broadcast. Resistance level is the amount of resistance the remote person has to healing. Many would not consider this when using a broadcast, but it's actually one of the most important factors there is in radionics and remote healing.


RF Carrier

Setting the Distance

The Distance Setting in RadionX increases the carrier level modulation in the scalar waves during the broadcast. It has been perfectly tuned in RadionX software for maximum results. Set this to "1" if the person is with you.


color therapy

Setting the Colors

The primary color for color therapy is automatically set when you select a Preset. RadionX gives you a chance to select a second color, because the use of two colors when using color therapy (chromatherapy) is very common. Color therapy itself is a powerful healer. Color information is transmitted in the broadcast scalar waves.

Place your mix (witness) in a set of over-the-ear headphones (A "witness" or mix is the name for pictures and personal items of the remote person).

Headphones witness


headphones closed

Close headphones

At this point, all you have to do is send your positive healing intention (broadcast) and click the Begin button. RadionX does all the rest.

Color therapy info, chakra frequencies and a modulated carrier wave is then transmitted to the quantum world through scalar waves. Scalar waves use the audio from the headphones as well as the magnetic properties of the headphone drivers for "zero point energy".

How RadionX Bridges the Gap...

One of the worst things that has happened to people over the years, all the way back to the introduction of television, was our ability to concentrate and focus. Now, with the average person checking their cell phone 85 times a day, people in modern society cannot focus or concentrate on something for more that 6 to 8 seconds without drifting off into some other thought.

With RadionX, once your "intention" is set, the software takes over and continues that intention for the necessary time needed to produce results, without any more thought or interaction from you.

Field testing of RadionX has been so effective, that it has long time experts in the field astounded by the results. When you get RadionX, you'll be ahead of the curve, because this is truly a thing of the future, available now.

RadionX is only $199 and it's worth several times that for what it does! This will take you to new heights in energy and remote healing.

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