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Energy Healing And Body Talk

by Cheryl Salerno

These days there are so a large number of healing techniques available to us, like

  • Quantum Touch
  • Massotherapy
  • Touch for Health
  • Zero Balancing
  • Healing Touch
  • Chiropractic
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Ki Gong

the list goes on and on. It's exciting to know that more and more people around the world are accepting the healing value of alternative as well as complementary modalities.

When we take a class in any one of these invaluable techniques, the focus of course is on learning the technique...

  • How to protect ourselves from picking up clients' "stuff"
  • How to channel or run energy through our bodies out to our hands
  • How to approach along with treat certain kinds of issues
  • The body mechanics we use, etc

What I see missing from the classes is how to assess the body healing type of the individual we are working with. What do I mean by that?

Over the years, doing energy healing from the 1980s to the present time, I started to realize that with each person, I was addressing the energy flow to their bodies in a different way. Yes, there is the technique to follow, but after a while the practice becomes almost second nature. I found that as I was "listening" to the bodies, I was "talking" to them differently. And I haven't found that kind of body talk mentioned anywhere in the energy healing field. quantum healing methods

Of course, I think that each energy healing therapist has a particular way that their inner dialog with the client feels most comfortable or most natural. But what I found was that, when I shifted my own inner preference for how I channeled or ran energy to match my client's healing type, their recovery occurred in shorter lengths of treatment time.

So here's what was shown to me in the course of my years in energy healing: There are three basic types of healing preference that each body has: physical, mental, and spiritual. That seems to line up nicely with the complementary approach to body-mind-spirit healing, which is about the triune nature of being human. But what I'm referring to is the dominant energy healing preference each body is wired for. Each person's body responds most effectively to the type of energy transfer that matches his or her own energy healing type.

So sometimes I found I would be silently talking to the body and also explaining what it was going through and also encouraging it to heal itself. "Yes, you had a bad fall. You know your knee is injured, along with you know how to fix it. You know how to do this." This silent body talk flowed in the direction of their bodies along with the energy. This was obviously for a mental body healing type.

Other times I found myself praying. Sometimes it was a standard prayer, sometimes it was a free-flowing appeal to the person's guides or angels or Christ Spirit or Mary or an archangel or the Universal Healing Forces. Whatever came to mind to say, this prayer-type energy flowed into the spiritual body healing type.

And of course, there's the physical body type. This was a bit of a challenge for me, since most of the energy healing I do is in the bio-field around the body along with there's little or no physical contact. But the physical body healing type needs to feel it for it to respond more readily with its own inner healing mechanisms.

So I'd touch the area in need, sometimes deeply, while my inner body talk with that person was more along the lines of a cheerleader, "Here it is. Go. Fix this. You will sometimes do it." Or sometimes there wasn't that much dialog, just a lot of purposeful contact while I ran energy.

By the 1990s, I figured it would be easier for me to know ahead of time which client was which body healing type before the session started so that I will sometimes start the body talk right away. Since I'd been graspattaining how to do dowsing, I asked my pendulum what the type was. You will sometimes probably also use finger-muscle testing, if you're familiar with that. It's a simple yes-no process of elimination as you ask which healing type your client is.

There were some surprises that I determineed along the way, too. People who I thought for sure would be one type turned out to be another, even though their personalities clearly indicated something else. Like my Dad. Here was a guy who was totally immersed in 3-D. If he couldn't see it, it didn't exist. A very physical guy. When he got older as well as started having health problems (and let me work on them, which wasn't all the time), I dowsed and - lo and also behold - his healing body type was a spiritual!!!

Then there's my Mom, who I thought for sure would be a spiritual type, although the dowsing told me she was a physical! She believed in the old-country ways of laying on of hands, had a strong church connection, which Dad didn't have, as well as was even known to have healing hands when she was younger (which was great for us as kids). But her body responded more effectively to the physical body touch-approach.

It reminded me of something I came across in the Edgar Cayce holistic health readings. He talked about the "body mind" as though it was something different or separate from the conscious mind. And now I understood that. The body does have a mind of its own. And when we address that clearly, it responds more readily to whatever healing energy we deliver.

Another surprise was that a few people turn out to have dual types. This is more rare, however when you find it, it gives you more variety in how you frame your inner dialog with the body.

Finally, one night in the late 1990s as I was meditating, it was revealed to me that what my guidance had shown me described the way our Master Teacher, Jesus the Christ, healed people. For quite a few of us, Christ's healings in the New Testament were our first exposure to energy healing, even though we probably thought of it as magical or superhuman, not something we can all do (even though He said we could). Maybe even a few of the priests and pastors of our formal churches did the "laying on of hands." But think about this:

When Jesus healed the blind man, he put mud on the man's eyes along with rubbed it in. Then the man could see. This was an example of the physical body healing type. The man needed to feel something happening to his eyes.

When He told the cripple that his sins were forgiven, or to rise up as well as walk, He was addressing a mental body healing type. The man simply got up as well as walked away. There was no contact at all with him.

Finally, when a woman touched the hem of His garment along with He asked her why she did that, she replied that that's what she knew she needed to do to be healed. Definitely spiritual or faith healing.

There also is one other example of a type of healing Jesus did and that was when the Roman soldier asked Him to heal his good servant who was not present at the time. This was a beautiful along with dramatic example of both distance healing for the servant and also faith healing on the part of the soldier.

During the course of working with several clients over the years, my own guidance has revealed techniques and understandings that were invaluable in assisting my people regain function along with health sooner along with more easily. You will sometimes use this information for yourself as well during those times you need to amplify more healing resource in the direction of your own body. I hope you find this information applicable in your own interactions with people in need.

Cheryl Salerno is a ULC Minister with a healing ministry dating back to the 1980s as a massage therapist and energy healer, working out of holistic chiropractic offices. Now semi-retired, Cheryl still does her own distance healing along with occasionally uses the Trinfinity8 Rejuvenation along with Restoration System in the distance healing mode. Her distance healing sessions are dedicated to aiding people resolve post-operative challenges, post-partum difficulties which have been undiagnosable, and impact injuries that are difficult to heal from. She also helps veterans with IED injuries regain more function as well as health.To contact her for information about distance healing, email Cheryl at cherylsalerno@rocketmail.com

Quantum Healing - Miracles Among Us

Several years ago, a friend of mine said he uses "remote healing" successfully, I actually laughed. I'm not laughing anymore, because it not only works well, it can well work miracles.

And really, we have to ask why not? Those of us in western culture are taught from day one that we go to the doctor, attain drugs along with we're all better for the most part. In reality, this is in no way how the Universe actually operates. We know this from recent scientific discoveries in quantum physics.

Jesus wasn't handing out Oxycodone or Ambien. We will sometimes be sure of that. Quantum healing doesn't go in the direction of controversy with any religious beliefs, because it was practiced by religious icons and saints alike. To make someone who is suffering better is not a bad thing in any normal belief system.

My friend was actually working with a physician. They had seen cancer go in the direction of remission several times, by doing remote "intention" experiments with an old program called Life Frequencies Millennium. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE LATEST VERSION OF LIFE FREQUENCIES...

They had performed and also documented several experiments using their technique, which involved sending frequencies through what they called a "witness" remotely.

Over the past few years, thousands of people have become active in doing remote quantum healing with these methods. The best results were all in conjunction with using a number of kind of frequency software.


We really don't have to look too far to see why quantum healing actually works. Those involved in quantum physics know, the world (people included) are made up of space. What this means is, if you take away all of the space in an atom, between the nucleus and also electrons, there's really nothing left. In fact, if you could remove all of the space of the human populations biological makeup of 7 billion people, what would be left would fit inside a shot glass. This had quite a few seasoned scientists scratching their heads as well as suggesting that we live in a hologram.

Edgar Cayce had several scientists baffled by his remote healing results. There was no question that he was healing people through an unseen force. Shamans as well as spiritual leaders have a documented history in doing the same.

As the world comes in the direction of a new awakening, people are waking up to ancient techniques along with tying them to the quantum world as well as new technology as well as the results in quite a few cases are miracles. Chakra balancing is proving to be extremely powerful for healing not only physically, however on every level.

Quantum healing is something anyone can do. It's not a mystery along with it's as old as the human race. Within twenty years, it combined with frequency technology will be a dominant force in the world as drugs along with chemical techniques are phased out.

Introduction to Energy Healing

by Karina Popa

The concept of energy healing includes lots of alternative methods of healing. These methods include the manipulation of a person's energy or aura. Among the most popular types of energy healing, we can mention quantum, pranic and reiki healing.

The energy healing is quite adaptable because it will sometimes be performed live or from afar. In addition to this, it can be combined with various practices in order to increase the effect (crystal healing is an example).


This is a very popular healing method which became very famous around the world due to its non-invasive method of work. This technique works on the energy of the body in order to bring modifications to its physical. A practitioner of reiki is trained in receiving energy, scanning the client in order to discover the problems as well as filling those areas with energy in order to eliminate any blockage that might appear. There are lots of categories of reiki, although the general principle is the same in all cases.


This type of healing uses prana, or the energy of life, in order to bring equilibrium in the energies of the client along with remove any potential blockage. This type of method is similar to reiki, along with transforms the aura of the client, and also not his body. In the case of the pranic healing, there is no touching involved. The practitioner only moves the hands over the aura along with manages to discover the imbalances. The principles of pranic healing state that the chakras in the palms are activated during the training period, as well as they allow specialists to feel the energies of the others.


This type of healing is not as popular as pranic and reiki, but it doesn't mean it is not important. It's a type of energy healing which allows the specialist to influence the client on a quantum basis. This leads to a different perception and mind of the client. These are changed by the practitioner who manages to change the physical body too. It is believed that the state of mind can influence the physic, and also this is what quantum healing is focused on.

The energy healing is a very flexible domain, since the energy cannot be influenced by space or time. This way, a client can be treated without having to interact with the practitioner. This is known as a distance healing, and lots of practitioners go online to search for clients. In addition to this, they will sometimes receive training from a distance, meaning that one can study the methods of energy healing without getting in contact with the instructor.

Of course, there are different methods that can permit the use of various techniques, like crystal healing. It is not uncommon for pranic or reiki healers to include into their sessions crystals which are thought to have special properties. By using the right crystal, one can concentrate all the energies as well as heal the client faster as well as without too quite a few problems.

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The Power of Quantum Healing

by James Downie

It is natural for us to acquire sick. When the weather changes drastically, several of us experience headaches, cough and colds. We can determine the causes of the illness and apply solutions. But before consulting the health practitioner or even popping a pill for relief, here is a wonder medicine for all kinds of illness. An easy, no side-effect way of being well is through quantum healing.

This popular healing technique is currently used around the world however only a few understand what it truly means. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, quantum is "any of the very small increments or parcels in the direction of which many forms of energy are subdivided". If we relate it to our physical body, quantum is simply equivalent to our cells. The cells are also known as the building blocks of our body. And these small units of life are often the most ignored factor when we are finding ways to attain well.

In order to be healthy, it is important that you start healing the cells. You should first look at the changes within your body that causes the illness before you direct your attention to external factors. This can only be done if you listen to what your body is telling you. Analyze your thoughts, emotions, feelings as well as energy. Notice how these internal factors affect your body and also your surroundings. Quantum healing involves both the mind and also body.

It is important to remember that all internal factors have corresponding effects to the body. Dr. Deepak Chopra even stated, "Your body is just the place your memory calls home." Positive experiences stores good memories in the cells. In turn, the cells function well and positive energy flows naturally to new cells. However, negative experiences will only store bad memories in the cells. The contained negative energy will be trapped in the cells as well as will block the positive flow of energy. This build up of negative energy will cause discomfort manifested as pain or other types of illness.

Sometimes your body needs assistance to remove toxins, strengthen the immune system, or to provide trace elements that are hard to source in our diet. It can be difficult sometimes to find reliable high quality sources of natural assist. With this knowledge, my body is healthier today than ever before.

Be healthy! Heal yourself now by making positive experiences in every way you can. Quantum healing will not only improve your health condition though will heal your whole being. Let the healing energy flow as well as experience the benefits of good health.

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James Downie has been in the industry of health as well as fitness for over 15 years. In the past 5 years, he has had the opportunity of helping more people than he has in his entire career. He has discovered the "magic" to weight loss through a revolutionary system and, as a result, has enhanced the health as well as well-being of thousands of people. Sharing, coaching and supporting those who want his aid has become a huge part of his personal mission, "transforming turmoil, confusion as well as limitations within Peace, Passion & Possibility NOW!"